Revision 1 -- 28 May 2002

Investigation of Accidents
and Violations

Section 1 -- Safety Board

  1. If damage is incurred to an aircraft or Club equipment the responsible pilot shall provide a written statement to the Board within seven days of the incident. The Board will then decide whether or not to convene a Safety Board within fifteen days (15) of receiving the written statement.

  2. If required, a Safety Board shall consist of such members of the Club as designated by the Directors who were not involved in the accident. The Safety Board members shall meet within five days of being notified by the Board of Directors.

  3. The Safety Board shall take all steps necessary to ascertain the facts, conditions and circumstances for the accident; shall arrive at conclusions regarding the probable cause and the responsibility for said accident; and shall make known to the Board of Directors, and to all parties involved in the accident, its findings in the form of a written report within thirty (30) days after their first meeting.

  4. The Board of Directors, upon receipt of the findings of the Safety Board shall offer to all parties involved in the accident the opportunity of a hearing. Members accept financial responsibility for all damage to Club aircraft due to fault or negligence, while operating or attempting to operate, up to the amount of $500 for any one accident. The exceptions are in cases of routine mechanical problems/failures or in the instances stated in Section 5 which follows. However, after the hearing, or if such hearing is waived by all parties involved in the accident, the Board of Directors has the authority to reduce financial responsibility of the member if there are extenuating circumstances. The decisions of the Board of Directors shall be final.

  5. The Board of Directors shall not impose financial responsibility on any one member in excess of $500 for any one accident, unless the damage results from a violation which is not covered by insurance carried on the aircraft; then the party responsible for the damage shall be liable for the full amount.

  6. The Board may impose additional penalties upon the member involved in the accident over and above that portion of the damage covered by insurance contracts maintained by the Club.

  7. All financial obligations imposed on any member as a result of the decision of the Board of Directors shall be satisfied within thirty (30) days of written notice. (within the terms set by the Board)

Section 2 -- Disciplinary Action

  1. Suspension
    1. A member's flying privileges for any and all aircraft may be suspended by the President or the Aircraft Maintenance Officer with cause, subject to review by the Board of Directors.
    2. A member who, in the opinion of the Board, has been grossly negligent in the operation of Club aircraft or is in default in an obligation to the Club may be placed on suspension. A member who is on suspension may not exercise any voting or flying privileges of the Club.

  2. In the event of the suspension of any member, the Board shall hold a hearing within fifteen days to consider the charge on which the member has been suspended and to take testimony from all those concerned. Following the hearing, the Board shall take action to restore the suspended member to good standing or to impose a penalty upon that member.

  3. Penalties imposed by the Board upon a member being disciplined may range from a warning to continued suspension of membership for a stated period of time to outright dismissal from the Club.

  4. A member may be expelled from the Club by a two-thirds vote of those Board members present at any regular or special meeting of the Board. The member being considered for expulsion shall have the right to be heard either in person or by counsel.

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