Level 1:
C150 Value 10K-15K Dues $40/mo
minimum buy-in 5 shares / 15 shares total ** Rate $32/hr | $27/hr dry *
Level 2:
Future Value 20K - 30KDues $??/mo
minimum buy-in ?? shares / ?? shares total ** Rate $??
Level 3:
C172 Value 40K - 60 KDues $65/mo
minimum buy-in 15 shares / 45 shares total ** Rate $43/hr | $38/hr dry *
Level 4:
C182 (future) Value 60K - 90KDues $??/mo
minimum buy-in ?? shares / ?? shares total ** Rate $??
Level 5:
Aztec Value 80K - 120K Dues $100/mo.
minimum buy-in 40 shares / 120 shares total ** Rate $65/hr | $60/hr dry *
Level 6:
Future Value 120K - 180KDues $??/mo
minimum buy-in ?? shares / ?? shares total ** Rate $??/hr

The club aircraft will be divided into six classes to start.

The target membership for each aircraft in each class is 10-15 members and this will be used to determine the number of shares required for each class. The Club may sell memberships over the target membership number. This additional equity will be saved for the purchase of new aircraft at such time as determined by the Club's Board of Directors.

Aircraft Acquisition capitalization will be based on the cost of the aircraft and a starting reserve for major overhaul.

Monthly Dues will be based upon Annual Liability Insurance, Hanger/tiedown expense, the fixed Annual labor and 5% for hull Self-Insurance. Dues will be adjusted according to expenses annually

Rental charges go into fund that covers items such as 50/100 hour inspections, airplane maintenance, and engine overhauls.

The net savings or surplus remaining after all operating costs and other expenses have been paid shall remain in the Club's treasury for the purchase of new equipment, for contingencies or for the purpose of reducing the hourly rates for flying as shall be determined by the Board of Directors. The net savings in any event shall not be distributed to the members for their individual use.

** A member may purchase a minimum number of shares for the desired class and finance the remainder of shares over 100 months. For level 3, the minimum number of shares is 15 and the member shall pay an additional $30/month to finance the remaining 30 shares.

* Any member joining after May 1, 2003 that is not at the maximum shares for a specific level will pay an additional $5/hr fee. For example, a member with less than 15 shares at level 1 would pay $32/hr for use of the C150 while a member with 15 shares would pay $27/hr for the C150.

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