Revision 3 -- 28 May 2002

Flight Proficiency Program

The Board of Directors shall develop, or cause to be developed, a Flight Proficiency Program for all members to include, but not necessarily limited to, periodic check rides with qualified flight instructors, in accordance with FAR'S and insurance requirements.

Section 1 -- Member Checkout

  1. Aircraft checkouts will be in accordance with the club insurance requirements.

  2. All members must be checked out and approved for solo flight by an instructor designated by the BOD before soloing any club aircraft. A prospective member may fly with a club instructor prior to joining the club, but the prospective member must officially join the club prior to solo flights in club aircraft. That is, the applicant must complete the application form, pay the deposit and first month's dues, furnish facsimile copies of aircraft checkouts and BFR's, if appropriate, provide copies of their pilot and medical certificates, and gain approval of the BOD. Any flight instruction given in Club aircraft must, without exception, be provided by an approved Club instructor.

  3. The checkout will consist of, at a minimum, a review of aircraft systems, ground handling, and flight maneuvers for which the aircraft and the pilot are certificated.

Section 2 -- Currency

  1. If a member has not flown within 90 days in the same category and class of aircraft (e.g., SEL), the member must, under pain of expulsion, perform a check ride with a club instructor prior to other use of club aircraft.

  2. A member may be required to submit to a check ride by a Club flight instructor any time it is deemed necessary by the Chief Flight Instructor, AMO or President. Any member may request a review or recheck by a different instructor if the member feels there is a difficulty in completing the required checkout.

  3. Each Club member must receive a Flight Proficiency Check from a Club instructor every 24 calendar months in the highest performance aircraft the member flys.

  4. In order to act as pilot-in-command of Club aircraft a member must log at least one full hour of flight time and make at least 3 takeoffs and landings to a full stop in a Club aircraft, within the preceding 60 days for tailwheel and complex aircraft or 90 days for other tricycle gear aircraft.

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