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Membership Regulations

Section 1 -- Member Responsibility

  1. It shall be the responsibility of each member to observe all Club Bylaws and Regulations and all applicable FAA, State and local flight regulations. Failure in this shall be cause for Club discipline.

  2. Each member of the Club shall be completely responsible for the aircraft in his/her possession or custody. In addition, he/she must exercise reasonable care and diligence in the operation of such aircraft in his/her possession. Each member shall operate all aircraft in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations.

  3. Changes to these Flight Regulations shall be approved by a majority of members present at a meeting duly called and convened in accordance with the By-laws; provided, however, that the Board of Directors may establish, revise, revoke, amend or otherwise alter one or more of these Membership Regulations if they determine that such a change is necessary or desireable and that the delay required to obtain the approval of the Members would adversely affect the Club. Any change so adopted will be referred to the Members for approval as described above at the next regular or special meeting of the Members.

Section 2 -- General and Acceptance

  1. All applications for Club membership shall be reviewed by the Board, or by an ad hoc membership committee of at least three Club members appointed by the Board, including at least one Board member and one Certified Flight Instructor. Applicants may be admitted to membership only upon a unanimous vote of such a committee, or of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board members present at a meeting of the Board. New members will be subject to a three-month probationary period.

  2. Upon receipt of the appropriate fees, the Club shall issue to each member a certificate of membership on a form approved by the Executive Board.

  3. The membership committee will review applications and make recommendations to the board. If a member is to be removed for violation of club rules the action will be referred to the Board and a 2/3 majority will be required for removal.

  4. For each 3 month of paid dues the member will be entitled to a $15 discount on aircraft rental when used for a dual proficiency flight or BFR. The discount must be used in the month earned.

Section 3 -- Classes of Membership

  1. The Board is empowered to establish classes of membership. The members of each class shall be entitled to fly the Club aircraft assigned to that class, and Club aircraft assigned to other classes of membership at flying rates and under conditions published by the Board.

  2. A member may change to a higher class by paying to the Club the difference between the current membership and that of the higher class membership. He/she must also demonstrate proficiency in the class of aircraft.

Section 4 -- Types of Members

  1. For the convenience of members, there are two ways to participate in the Club: the Regular membership or the Inactive membership. Regular members enjoy full Club privileges including those flight operations for which they are qualified and approved. Inactive members may remain on the books as members until they return to reactivate their memberships. An Inactive member may cycle once per year from Regular to Inactive or back again.

  2. New members: A qualified individual may buy a membership in a particular aircraft class from either an active member or from the Club.

  3. A full member is one who has paid a full class membership fee. A full member is entitled to fly Club aircraft at or below a specified operational level, vote, and hold office in the Club. Full members are required to pay dues.

  4. A spouse member is one who is the spouse of a full member. A spouse member is entitled to fly Club aircraft as pilot in command but is not entitled to vote nor to hold office in the Club.

    "Active Member"

    1. Has paid the initiation fee
    2. Has an up-to-date pilot record form on file with the club secretary
    3. Owns the appropriate number of shares for an operational level
    4. Current on dues payments.
    5. Is entitled to vote or to hold office in the Club
    6. Is entitled to fly Club aircraft at or below the class for which he/she holds the appropriate number of shares.

    "Inactive Member"

    1. Has paid initiation fee
    2. Owns the appropriate number of shares for an operational level
    3. Is not current in paying monthly dues or is on leave of absence

Section 4 -- Member Payments

  1. Admission to the club requires payment of a non refundable initiation fee of $100, the first month's dues and a minimum number of shares for the class desired (in accordance with the bylaws and club regulations).

  2. If payment of an account balance is not received by the Treasurer by the end of the month of billing 1.5% of such balance will be added to the account unless special arrangements are approved by the Board. Such a member is not entitled to fly Club aircraft, nor to vote at Club meetings.

  3. If a member does not pay his obligations to the Club, his membership will be terminated in accordance with the bylaws.

Section 5 -- Member Status

  1. A member in good standing is a full member who is not delinquent in his/her account nor on suspension by the Board.

  2. A member who is on suspension by order of the Board is not entitled to fly Club aircraft, nor to vote at Club meetings nor to participate as a member of the Board.

  3. Withdrawal/Inactive status
    1. A member may terminate his/her membership from the Club or go into an inactive status by notifying the Secretary or Treasurer in writing thirty days in advance of effective date. A member may withdraw or go into inactive status only after any obligation owed in his Club account is reduced to zero. Membership shall also terminate upon death or disability, or upon expulsion by the Board of Directors for cause.
    2. A club member may resign at any time or become inactive one (1) time during any 12-month period.
    3. A member may leave the Club only by selling his/her membership to a new member.
    4. An inactive member still owns shares in the club but is not entitled to fly Club aircraft, vote, nor hold office in the Club. They are not required to pay monthly dues and may remain inactive indefinitely.
    5. An inactive member may become an active member by notifying the Secretary or Treasurer in writing.
    6. An inactive member may withdraw from the club by written notification to the Secretary or Treasurer. The process is completed by the sale of his/her membership to a new member.

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